Why does the Japanese like cats so much
Why does the Japanese like cats so much

Why does the Japanese like cats so much

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The Japanese are very fond of animals, and they regularly post pictures of the pet on social media,

once confusing the Japanese social media community, for those who don’t know they may think it was a pet website.

So why are these cute little animals so attractive?

These are pictures about the pet Japanese netizens posted cute animals of the social circle.


Does anyone tell me whether the little cutie in the picture is a “lamb” or a “kitten”?

It’ s mind-blowing in that way to show pet.

Whenever the pet gets into trouble, it will put on such a pitiful expression

When you’re good-natured, you’re probably going to lose your temper when it comes to kittens with bad tempers

And you still need to coaxing kitty who with a smug little face

There are also kittens who without tsundere temper

Every time it gets into trouble, it will stare at you with big eyes and pretend to be pathetic

Hope to gain your sympathy, and then win the dried fish in your hand.

Lured by the food, it bowed and promised not to make trouble again.

It will show its true colours after one second

rolling on the ground is one of a cat’s favourite sports


Keeping a pet is not a matter of getting in touch with each other and being patient with it?

Therefore, in the face of these small animals need to more gentle.



It has a good-looking and worthy of your love.

The preference was always fearless.


Finally, hopefully, these cute little animals will keep you in a good mood all day long.

Be in a good mood for all things.

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