Dogs like to share the bed with the owner for 5 reasons.
Dogs like to share the bed with the owner for 5 reasons.

Dogs like to share the bed with the owner for 5 reasons.

A host who is often in close contact with a dog may find that the dog likes to sleep next to the owner. When the owner drives it out of the bed and closes the door, it may be particularly sad. Everyone knows why dogs like to sleep next to their owners. Do you think of yourself as the other half of your master?

In fact, there are five reasons why dogs like to sleep next to their owners:


1.Dogs are social animals


There are still many wolves in the dog, and most wolves have the habit of living in groups. Although the wildness of the wolf was not preserved in the dog’s body, the habit of this group stayed. In the wild, dogs can’t survive on the strength of one’s own dog, and they need teamwork. When there is no other dog companion, the owner becomes the only substitute, and the owner is so good to the dog, it certainly likes to be with the owner.


Dogs like to share the bed with the owner, there are 5 reasons, after reading the warmth of my heart


2.Dogs like owners


The dog sleeps next to the owner, and may also like the owner. When we like someone, we want to stay with them, watch them, and sometimes they have some small seemingly insignificant moves, we will all be very happy. This is not the case with dogs. When you stay with your host, your heart will be more practical and secure. Of course, the dog likes to sleep next to the owner, simply because he likes it, there is nothing evil!


3.The owner’s bed is really comfortable.


If the owner lets the dog sleep after his bed, it may not want to sleep in the kennel again. Dogs are actually very smart, they know that the owner’s bed is more comfortable. When the weather is too cold or too hot, there is air conditioning in the owner’s room to make the temperature of the room very comfortable, and of course the dog must enjoy it! The owner felt that it was very comfortable to blow the air conditioner with the quilt. In fact, the dog might think so. If the owner doesn’t want the dog to go to his bed, don’t let it experience the comfort of the bed at the beginning.



4.Dogs want to protect their owners


The dog is really very loyal to the owner. They sleep next to their masters, which is actually a manifestation of their loyalty to their owners. Compared to living in the living room, sleeping next to the owner, always watching the owner, can better protect, and you can sleep well. Therefore, the owner does not let down the good intentions of the dog!


5.Have a sense of security around the owner


In fact, some dogs feel that if the owner is not around, it will be like the sky, it is very insecure. They stay in the owner’s bed and can smell the most familiar and favorite smell, and they can feel comfortable. This phenomenon is even more pronounced for dogs with separation anxiety. If the owners are not at home, they may have to dismantle their homes in order to alleviate their anxiety.

Dogs like to sleep next to their owners, more likes, the owner is good for dogs, and the dog wants to repay the owner. Of course, some owners may not want the dog to go to their bed, so don’t let it on at the beginning, otherwise there will be a second time. But if you have a regular bath for your dog, it doesn’t hurt to let it sleep with your host.


Does the owner’s dog like to sleep with the owner? My dog ​​will still have a sleepy sleep when he sleeps. Do you know if your dog has this kind of performance?


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