The Most Terrific Dogs for Family Keeping
The Most Terrific Dogs for Family Keeping

The Most Terrific Dogs for Family Keeping

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tomkas dogs

Many people keep their dogs not just for the purpose of letting dogs look after their houses. Nowadays, more people raise their dogs to accompany their families, so people love the dog breeds those are highly compliant and easy to train. These breeds of dogs are obedient and have high IQ, and they can complete many complicated instructions, which could adapt to the complex environment of the city.

Today, I will introduce to you several kinds of dogs. These terrific dog breeds are highly compliant and doing their best with urban families. Come to see which one you prefer.

Golden Retriever

Tomkas Golden Retriever

Known for their obedience and gentle temperament, Golden Retrievers are particularly good companions for children. They are one of the easiest dogs to train, so they are a large percentage of the current service dogs. Golden Retrievers love to play in the water and run around outside, and their need for exercise makes them well-suited for suburban or rural homes. It’s important to note that Golden Retrievers are prone to gaining weight when not exercised or properly fed. In addition, they are smart and well trained.

Labrador Retriever

Tomkas Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are characterized as active and outgoing, excellent for families with children. The lab’s thick coat sheds often, but only require washing occasionally. Labs also respond well to puppy training classes, especially at an early age, and respond well to different people and places. Most importantly, they are as obedient and smart as Golden Retriever and could do a lot of complicated work. At present, most of the guide dogs in China are served by this breed.


Tomkas Poodle

There are quite a few varieties of poodles that we are more familiar with Teddy dogs. This kind of dog is generally in small size and they usually do not lose their hair. It is the most popular dog breeds for apartments feeding. Poodle’s IQ is very high so they can learn a lot of complicated instructions. They are lively and active, and they know how to please the owner. This is why more than half of the urban families have Teddy with them.

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Tomkas puppy outdoor travel carrier

In addition, the shepherd dogs represented by German particular shepherd dog and Border Collie are also highly compliant dog breeds, but they are not listed because they are banned in most cities. If you can breed a sheepdog in your place, the highest IQ and the most obedient are definitely the worth reason for feeding.

Tomkas dogs


By the way, hunting dogs such as Husky and Shiba Inu, because of the work attributes of the previous hundred years, their character is more wildly and not listening to instructions. If you want to have a dog with high obedience, then the sled dog and the hunting dog are still excluded.


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