Seven characteristics of corgi’s personality teach you how to understand the corgi
Seven characteristics of corgi’s personality teach you how to understand the corgi

Seven characteristics of corgi’s personality teach you how to understand the corgi

Corgi is popular among pet dogs because it has no weird character and no neuroticism like Huskie. In the previous introduction, corgi had the title of a little warm man, although such a short leg was very popular. However, corgi is not a simple dog. At least in front of the shovel, corgi will not show all his personality characteristics. These are the shovel to find out.




This gentle personality is present in most of corgi. As a small dog, corgi has a very gentle personality. It doesn’t matter at home, sometimes it’s like a quiet beautiful man. When there are children in the family, corgi will also play with the little master, even if the little master accidentally hurts it, corgi will not get angry.


Don’t look at corgi is a small man, and his personality is also gentle, but in fact, corgi will have a stubborn side. Especially after the temper with the owner, corgi generally does not take the initiative to admit

mistakes, the temper is very embarrassing, and sometimes even if the shovel sergeant trying to apologize, it will not be able to take advantage of corgi.




After corgi made a mistake, will he look at you with his big eyes and will not spoil you. Shovel eunuchs should not think too much at this time, Koki can be as pitiful as the shovel’s imagination. This is actually what Koko deliberately pretends. Corgi will achieve his goal by pretending to be pitiful, so the shovel will not be self-satisfied.


If it is said that Huskie is the fiercest fight and the most embarrassing fight, then Corgi is not expected to give up. Although corgi is usually very gentle, but occasionally will quarrel, but when it comes to fighting, it is estimated that it is the same as huskie, second! The reason why corgi was not found to be so estimated is that huskie attracted too much firepower to it.




Although corgi’s IQ is not as high as that of the grazing babies, the IQ of corgi in the doggy community is definitely not low. At least we are also a dog with a face. Corgi’s cleverness is especially reflected in the fact that when he is punished, corgi will think about the laziness of the law when he is punished and will actively seek help in order to escape punishment.


Although corgi can’t fight, it’s still awkward. But this does not affect its courage. Corgi will judge what he should do next according to the environment. When the real danger comes and it will hurt himself and the shovel, corgi will definitely stand up at this time. Out, protect everything you care about.




In fact, corgi is a self-satisfied person. He comes to the guest at home. Whether he is familiar or not, corgi will welcome him and will not be vigilant like other dogs. And corgi also likes to follow the girls, and any girl on the street walks over, and corgi will take the initiative to say hello, it is a little ghost.

In general, corgi is still a very lively and lovely big boy. Although he occasionally has a little temper, it does not affect the cute image of corgi in the eyes of the shovel. Even if sometimes cute is outfitted, whoever calls corgi is so cute. However, the shovel officer should also pay attention to it, because corgi does not recognize life, and when he takes it out, he must carry the leash and hold it firmly to his side.

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