[Pet Cleaning Products] How to care for different pets The most practical daily cleaning knowledge of pets
[Pet Cleaning Products] How to care for different pets The most practical daily cleaning knowledge of pets

[Pet Cleaning Products] How to care for different pets The most practical daily cleaning knowledge of pets

With the changes in living conditions, more and more people nowadays like to keep pets, but there are many newcomers who are not very clear about the many things that keep pets.In order to make pets grow healthily, in addition to feeding, we must regularly clean the pets. How different pet health care? The method of daily cleaning of pets is counted.



Dog cleaning

Anyone who likes dogs knows to clean the dog regularly, or it will have a heavy odor and may pose a threat to the health of the dog. In addition to taking a bath, dog cleaning can also be done with a dog comb to remove dust and dirt from the dog’s fur to some extent. Of course, if you want your dog to be clean, you must clean and disinfect the house and sports ground.


First, how to clean the dog every day

1.Wash your face. Gently scrub with a clean wet cotton ball around each eye, pull the dog’s ear away with one hand, and clean the inside of the ear with a small wet cotton ball. The loose dough should be used regularly. The wet cotton ball is cleaned to prevent bacteria from growing in the pleats causing irritation and infection.

2.Check your dog’s teeth and gums once a week. The gums can’t be inflamed, and the tartar should not be long on the teeth, otherwise it will cause inflammation of the gums and toothache. Use dog’s special toothpaste with light salt water or a veterinarian. Let the dog use dog-specific toothpaste and toothbrush (can go to the pet hospital), do not use human toothpaste (because the dog does not gargle) gently brush the canine teeth.



3.The ear clean. One is to clear the dirt on the ear shell, and the other is to clean the ear canal. It is easier to clean the outer ear and you have to be careful when cleaning the ear canal. Use a cotton swab to lick a little olive oil. Wipe the mouth a little bit. The cotton swab should not be too long. The other hand grabs the ear and wipes it slowly until it is clean. If there is a lot of earwax in the external auditory canal, drop a drop of 2% borax water, soften it and carefully remove it with tweezers. When the dog’s head is shaking, immediately pull out the tweezers to prevent damage to the tympanic membrane or ear canal mucosa.

4.Wash eyes. Large-eyed, convex-eyed dogs are susceptible to irritation and injury and require special attention. Usually wash eyes once a day. To remove dust and eyelids from the eyes. Eye cleaning You can use a damp cloth to gently wipe off the eyelids in the corners of your eyes. The best way to do this is to take eye drops or wash with boric acid solution.


5.Trim the toenail. The dog’s toenail is very hard and should be trimmed with a special dog and cat-specific toe claw. It is best to cut the toenail after bathing. However, it should be noted that the base of each toe has a vascular nerve. Therefore, you can’t cut too much too much when trimming. Generally, only about 1/3 of the claws are cut off, and should be flattened. Prevent damage, such as abnormal dog movement after the cut, carefully check the toe, check for bleeding and damage, if there is damage, you can rub the iodine. In addition to the toenail, check the foot pillow for trauma. Also. The hair near the toe and foot pillows should be cut short to prevent slipping.

6.Combing hair. In the morning and evening, each bristles once, combing hair for five minutes every day, using a brush, elastic wire brush or a long and thin metal comb from the neck, quickly combing in the direction of the hair, from front to back, from top to bottom, first From the neck to the shoulders, then the back, waist, abdomen, hindquarters, re-comb, and finally the limbs and tail. Comb one side and comb the other side.



Cat cleaning

The cat will instinctively comb the fur to ensure that the fur is clean and not tangled. However, as a qualified shovel officer, it is necessary to clean the ears from time to time, doing dental care and nail care. So what do you need to pay attention to when cleaning cats? What are the general cleaning products for cats? Let’s take a look!

First, how do you do daily cleaning of cats?

1.Trim the nails. It is trimmed almost every week, especially for kittens. The nails are very fast and thin and pointed, and it is easy to scratch people. When trimming, don’t cut too much, just cut the transparent part of the front.

2.Ear cleaning. This is where the cat can’t clean it up, see if there are signs of inflammation, and if there are any abnormal symptoms. If the ear has odor or pus and inflammation, it is necessary to go to the hospital to check it and find out the disease in time for treatment. Prepare the ear wash, cotton swab, squeeze the ear wash into the ear canal and wet the auricle, gently rub the cat’s ear root, so that the ear liquid and dirt are in full contact. Then let the cat rub the ears, pick up the dirt in the ear canal, and then wipe it with a cotton swab to make the ear canal dry and clean.



3. Combing the hair. The cat will instinctively comb the coat and spend a lot of time to ensure that the coat is clean and not tangled. However, many cats, especially long-haired breeds, some of them exhibiting cats and old-aged cats, need the help of the owner to take care of the coat. Helping cats with basic cleansing, as well as cleaning and bathing, is also important to keep the cat refreshed. If you are a short-haired cat, it will be cleaned up by itself. If we help it, it will be fine once a week, mainly because the cat is shed, and it will be much more comfortable to comb.

4. Finally, take a shower. If the cat is not very dirty, don’t take a shower often. After all, every bath is like a snoring. It is also afraid, and the owner is also scared. Bathing frequency look at the situation, two or three months to six months wash wash will do, under the circumstances it.



Second, how to smoothly bathe the cat?

If the cat’s hair looks very shiny, and we hold the cat up, it feels like there is no smell on the cat. If the cat has an odor, then you can prepare to bathe the cat.

And according to different cats to carry out different bathing methods, for example, cats are short-haired cats, they are relatively simple to bathe, just prepare a bath, shower gel, hair dryer and towel. If it is a long-haired cat, it is also necessary to bring combed gloves, combs and scissors. Also prepare a piece of towel for them to wipe the body.

Finally, give the cat a bath, we have to be in a warmer environment, because if the temperature is low, the cat will catch a cold, we can first give him a little air conditioning or heating. In the first step, we gently put the cat on the water with a foot to see if he is more resistant. If the cat is not very resistant, he can put his body in the bathtub and hold one of his hands. Give your hand a bath and take a shower. If the cat is very resistant to water, then we have to take out the decontamination bag used in our secret weapon washing machine, because it can both tie the mouth and prevent the cat from sticking out the claws from inside to scratch us.


After the cat has been drenched with water, we will take out the cat’s special shampoo and use a proper amount of shampoo to rub on their hair. Short-haired cats can be rubbed with their fingers. Long-haired cats must use gloves or It’s a comb, because the hair inside is not easy to clean, we gently comb her, so that its hair is glued to the shower gel.

If you encounter a mess of hair, we would rather cut it and don’t pull it hard, because if they feel pain, they won’t let you bathe again next time. When we don’t pay attention to them, we can cut them off. The cat can’t find it either.

When washing, we must pay attention to throwing the hair combed down in time, because the cat will like to eat their own hair, so that the time is long and their body is not good, and after the shower can not just like this casually When the cat is let go, it should be wrapped in a large towel to bathe them, dry and then blow dry with a hair dryer. If you don’t blow it clean, the cat is really easy to catch a cold. For cats, a cold is still a very troublesome thing. When the hair on the cat is already half dry, we can use the comb to comb them again. After combing, we can wipe it again with the hair. Then we can put it in the sun and let it go to the sun.

Fish tank cleaning

First, the fish tank cleaning tool

We need to prepare clean utensils when we clean. For example, the algae cleaning pad used to clean the inner glass of the cylinder is used to clean the large bucket of the fish tank. The siphon type bottom sand cleaner; if you change the filter cartridge this time, you need to filter the medium, such as filter cartridge, sponge, bamboo carbon sheet, etc. A glass cleaner or vinegar solution, a mixed salt, a pH test strip, a refractometer, a hygrometer or a salinity probe, a thermometer, and a 10% concentration bleaching solvent in a separate container.

Second, the fish tank cleaning steps

First clean the cylinder wall, you can use the magnetic scraper to easily scrape the moss and dirt on the fish tank glass; the second step to clean the filtration system For the cleaning of the filtration system, first make sure that the filtration system has several layers. The first layer is filter cotton, the second layer is biochemical cotton, the third layer of glass ring, the fourth layer of activated carbon ammonia, medical stone, etc.; the third step of red mud algae treatment, timely removal of the red mud algae attached to the filter cotton Or use a dip net to remove the red mud algae that flutters in the water.



Hamster cleaning

Hamsters are quite clean , and they clean themselves from time to time, but owners like to prepare some hamster cleaning supplies to help them stay cleaner. Hamsters can’t take a bath with water. Generally, there will be special bath sand. What are the precautions for hamster bath sand selection? What are the related matters related to the cleaning of hamsters and activities?

First, how to clean the hamster every day

1, hamsters can not take a bath with water, only in special circumstances, such as the whole body contaminated with some dirty things, must be washed, otherwise it is not recommended to wash with water, if you must wash, pay attention to water temperature, wash water can not drown Wait, dry it immediately after washing, and dry it with a gentle blower. Otherwise, the mouse is susceptible to cold and sick.

2, special bath sand (except bear hamsters), in fact, the mouse is very smart, dedicated hamster bath sand, as long as he is ready, it will roll inside the bath, the bath sand changed for about 1 week . Can be purchased in pet stores, online shopping and other channels, a package of about 5 yuan, the best choice is tasteless.

3, with bath sand, then you need a container to put the bath sand, there are a variety of matching bathroom oh ~ you can also find some unused plastic or ceramic containers to do the bathroom.

4, bear hamster cleaning magic: dry cleaning powder. The bear hamster cannot use the general bath sand. The reason is that the bear hamster has large pores. It is easy to cause pores to clog with a small bath sand, which has an impact on the health of the rats. In fact, the bear hamsters will clean themselves with saliva. It is very clean, if you still feel that the hamster is not clean, you can use dry cleaning powder.

5, the health of the hamster requires the owner to quickly clean the cage, replace the litter, clean the bathroom toilet and so on. The key to raising a hamster is not to be lazy.



Second, how to clean hamster equipment

Before cleaning the cage, find a place to place the hamsters. If there is a turtle box, you can put them in a small box. You can also pour a little bath sand in the small box to let the hamster take a shower. The hamster ball is also a good choice, so that the hamsters don’t have to be so boring, they can do the exercise by the way. But note that the cover of the hamster ball can easily be loosened after a few hits. It is best to stick the cover with a transparent glue to prevent the cage from being washed, and the hamster escapes from prison.

Clean the dirty litter. If there are more hamsters, you can put a disposable plastic tablecloth on the ground and the cage will go to the next button. After all the cages have been lowered, the garbage will be taken outside and thrown away. The cage chassis can be washed with water and washed with water as much as possible. The shower is opened to the maximum, then the stubborn stains are brushed off with an old toothbrush. After rinsing and then hot water, it can play a certain disinfection effect. If it is a thin plastic, do not use hot water to heat it, it is easy to deform. Then dry it thoroughly. If the weather is good, you can take it outside and let it dry.

Wash the sick hamster’s cage like a shower to the maximum, rinse off the dirty things, and wash it off with an old toothbrush. After clean, disinfect thoroughly with disinfectant such as chlorpyrifos. After disinfection, use hot water for several times. Do not let the disinfectant residue remain, then dry it thoroughly.


After cleaning the hamster’s cage, be sure to dry it. It is best not to dry it naturally, otherwise it will be easy to rust. If you do not rinse with water, you can wipe it with a wet towel and then wipe it again with a dry towel.

It is convenient to clean the hamster kettle to buy a bottle of water. If you don’t have a bottle brush, you can add some water to the kettle to add some bath sand (or salt bar), then use a finger to hold the water outlet, shake the kettle up and down, and then pour out the water. Wash it with water for several times. The kettle is obviously It will become clean. If there is scale, add some vinegar and then wash it. There are also water outlets that are often overlooked by us. Use a cotton swab to reach into the mouth of the kettle and turn it back and forth a few times.

After you have caged everything, put the mats and put them in the cage, some hamsters may become a little uncomfortable, because the taste of the usual habits is gone, they may run wildly. These are normal. Usually after a while they will return to their original state. In addition to the usual food and drink utensils, the cleaning frequency of items like squirrel cages is not too high. However, such items should be disinfected once after cleaning to reduce the amount of bacteria and prevent the health of hamsters.


Turtle Cleaning

First, the daily cleaning of pet turtles

1.Turtle disinfection can be soaked in potassium permanganate dilution for 15 to 20 minutes. Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidant. When it comes to organic matter, it releases new ecological oxygen and kills bacteria. Its bactericidal power is extremely strong, and the concentration of turtles soaking is 1:2000-1:5000 (volume fraction), that is, 0.2-0.5 g of potassium permanganate is added to 1 kg of water.

2.Regularly clean the fish tank and soak the fish tank with potassium permanganate dilution for half an hour. Turtles will produce some domestic garbage every day, and the fish tanks should be cleaned in time to prevent the garbage from decaying and breeding bacterial viruses. Do a good job of cleaning in time to prevent turtles from getting sick.

3.to ensure the cleanliness of food, to prevent disease from entering the mouth. Any food should be inspected to ensure freshness and health, and can not carry any pathogens, parasites, viruses, bacteria, toxins, long-term consumption can ensure the safety and health of fish.

4.the turtle’s daily cleaning work, also includes regular replacement of new water. Make sure your pet turtle has a healthy, clean living environment. At the same time, pay attention to the right amount each time feeding, to ensure that the turtle can eat enough, to avoid excess food in the turtle basin, to prevent environmental pollution caused by food rot.



Second, how to raise a small turtle

1.Feeding container

Young turtles can be raised in a flat-bottomed container without difficulty. Plastic basins, plastic tanks, glass jars or boxes, and aquariums are all suitable. The water should not be too deep and the depth can make it swim well.

An ideal breeding ground must have some specific minimum requirements. Each young turtle must have five liters of water, and the water depth should not exceed the length of the turtle, so that the turtle can reach the ground when the turtle breathes. At the same time, they must also make bricks, stone tablets or buy terraces for the turtles to dry.

For small turtles, floating islands are not suitable, because small turtles that are too small are often afraid of going to the floating island. At present, the resin drying table on the market is a good choice, and the sinking wood is also a good natural land. On the other hand, it is also important to note that islands and decorations do not become dangerous obstacles, and the turtles are caught and drowned.

Young turtles can be raised on the balcony throughout the summer. In order to prevent the bird from walking, you can cover the net on the box. It is absolutely necessary to prevent young turtles from crawling out of the breeding box. The electric heater’s line and so on may even be the bridge for the young turtle to escape, because the “crawling power” of the young turtle is very high. If algae, such as moss, grow on the culture box, this is fine, but the water in the box cannot be stinky.



2.feeding temperature

Next, we will talk about the feeding temperature of the small turtle. You may think that the water temperature is not well controlled. The water temperature that the young turtle can adapt is about 23-28 degrees Celsius. When it is cold, the air above the container should be warmed up, and a hood lamp can be added to the culture box to get the best of both worlds. If the water temperature is still too low, you can set a heating rod in the water – as far as possible, you can adjust the temperature. In fact, no matter what kind of pets you keep, you can’t afford to spend money.

The electric heating pipe sold by the aquarium store should be placed under the water surface, and the device should also pay attention to the possibility that the electric heater and the power cord should not catch the young turtle.

It is especially important that the young turtles have the opportunity to be exposed to direct sunlight. The breeding boxes can be placed on a balcony or window sill. If this is not possible, the turtles should be given ultraviolet light once or twice a week for about three to five minutes. . Ultraviolet light should not be too close to the young turtle to avoid excessive light and damage. It is best to use sunlight, but it should be noted that the container glass used does not filter out the required ultraviolet rays.

3. feed selection

The young turtles are mainly fed feed, requiring a protein content of 47%, a comprehensive amino acid and other nutrients, and a feed coefficient of 1.6 or less. Due to the use of defatted fishmeal in the preparation of compound feed, it is necessary to add 3% to 5% corn oil to supplement trace elements and vitamins, as well as health promotion and anti-drug drugs.

The domesticated turtle feed is not complicated. Under the conditions of artificial breeding, the internal organs, maggots and bread worms of poultry and pigs are the main ones. Properly mix fruits, vegetables and mixed feed to enhance nutrients in the body. Vitamin E powder and antibiotics are added in spring and autumn to increase the amount of eggs in the turtle and enhance the body of the turtle. Timing, fixed point and quality should be done in daily feeding.

Bird cleaning

In recent years, there have been many new birds that have been taught by humans. It is also a bird and a pet bird. The birds that are kept live in the cages, and their feathers are easily contaminated by feces to form scales. These are the need for the owner to help clean them. So, what should be paid attention to when cleaning pet birds? How to keep pet birds clean and clean in daily life? Let’s take a look!
Introduction to the cleaning method of bird

1.Pay attention to the temperature when cleaning the bird. The water temperature is preferably between 37 and 40 °C. The cleaner gently grasps the bird body, fixes the head and toes at the same time, gently wipes the stain with cotton or soft cloth and warm water, and washes the skin and feathers of the wet bird as little as possible to avoid disease or death caused by the cold bath.

2.After cleaning the bird, put it back in the cage and place it in the sun-free room. It will help the body feather to dry quickly. You can also use the cotton wool or dry soft cloth to properly absorb the wet feathers after bathing to facilitate quick drying. If the bird’s body feather is seriously polluted, it is not advisable to wash it for a long time. After 1~5 days, the cage bird’s physical strength will be restored and a second cleaning will be carried out.


3.When the tail feathers or flying feathers of the cage birds are broken or broken, they can be trimmed according to the strength of the bird. When the main ornamental feathers are damaged, in the case that the bird is healthy and disease-free, artificial forced moulting can be adopted to promote the early regeneration of the new feather. The method is to observe the damage of the feather base after the capture, determine the normal base of the feather, and then remove the broken Chen Yu.

4.A healthy bird body can be born with new feathers after 4~5 weeks to meet the needs of the viewing. If the feathers of the cage bird are not damaged, or if they are only damaged by 1 or 2 pieces, which will not affect the viewing, they can be cut off from the feather base of the damaged feather. feather.

5.The utensils of the living utensils should be cleaned, the drinking utensils and the sleeping tub should be cleaned every day, the feces should be cleaned in time, and the regular cleaning of the bowl should be kept.

6.Water bath, bird is a kind of animal that loves cleaning. Most of them love water bath. Water bath can remove cockroaches and dirt. It is also a kind of exercise and enjoyment for bird watching. It is good for the health of bird watching. Therefore, it is necessary to meet them in time. For beneficial instinct requirements, let them bathe once a day or every other day to keep the birds clean.



Some wrong ways of raising parrots
1. The way of violence
If you find that the parrots bite the items, don’t beat their cockles or body parts, or drop them to the ground or shake them vigorously, or close them in a cabinet or a small space, including the bird cage. . Such behavior is mandatory and aggressive. Parrots will resist violent actions and counter-force, and become biting, confused, and scared. They simply think of the owner as associated with the behavior that makes them feel fearful.

2. Feeding too much food
When preparing food for young parrots, don’t worry that the parrots are hungry and feed them a lot of food. It should be fed in a way that eats less and eat more meals, and before feeding, it is necessary to make sure that all the items previously fed are completely digested to prevent the old food from remaining and fermenting and causing inflammation. In animal nature, the parents of birds have to go out for food to raise young chicks, so young chicks cannot be fed into the sac.

Rabbit cleaning

Under normal circumstances, rabbits do not need to take a bath for a lifetime, but if the rabbit owner really does help the rabbit to take a bath, then you should pay special attention to help the rabbit bath to use the rabbit-specific bath products, if it is washed, after washing Be sure to dry it immediately, otherwise the rabbit is very susceptible to illness.

How to clean the rabbit when it is dirty

1.If the rabbit is not very dirty, wipe it with a cloth dampened with warm water.

2.The rabbit itself will take a bath for himself, just like a cat. If you find it has a taste, just grab it and wash its hands and feet so that it won’t get dirty and dirty.

3. The usual time the owner still pays more attention to the environment clean, rabbits will not often get dirty.

4.If you really want to take a bath, be absolutely careful, remember not to let its ears into the water, otherwise it will be inflamed, shower must be blown immediately, or it will catch a cold.

5.It is best not to take a bath for the bunny under one year old. Do not wash the rabbit more than one year old.



Things you must pay attention to when helping a rabbit bath:

1.Use a special shower gel for rabbits. Do not use shampoo or shower gel for humans to wash rabbits.

2.Note that the water temperature should not be too low.

3. to be thoroughly rinsed, do not leave the shower gel to allow the rabbit to overeating, it will cause poisoning.

4.Dry with a dry towel and blow dry with a hair dryer.

5. The rabbit itself loves to clean, it will clean itself several times a day, and the rabbit’s skin has a layer of protective ingredients, washing will destroy this layer of protection, making rabbits easy to get skin problems, so avoid frequent washing, it is best It is washed once every two to three months.

6. It is best to pick a warm day, the rabbit is not easy to catch cold, especially in the winter, the rabbit should pay more attention to the cold after the shower.


Pet pig cleaning

Pet pigs, which are popular in appearance, are becoming more and more popular among pet lovers, but many people have such concerns. Will pet pigs have the same viscous smell as traditional pigs? In fact, pigs love to be clean, unless the pigs go outside to play dirty, they need to take a bath. Just use a bath to fill the water on weekdays, then wipe the pig’s mouth and nose with a towel. If you often help the pig to bathe, it will cause the pig’s skin to be itchy and catch the rash.



Gecko cleaning

Gecko is a cute little animal, and many people now like to use it as a pet. It is not necessary to bathe it. In fact, the pet gecko will peel off itself. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to take a bath. However, the environment of the gecko should be cleaned regularly and kept clean.

How to deal with geckos in the house How to remove geckos in the house

In the summer, a variety of small animals will come out, many people are very afraid of these small animals, especially girls see, and even scream. Especially the gecko is an animal that often appears in the family. It is a kind of fear that everyone is afraid of. The following small series teaches everyone how to deal with geckos in the family. I hope that we can solve everyone’s troubles.

We can do nothing, because the gecko is a beneficial insect, not only will not harm us, but also eat mosquitoes in the house. As long as we establish the correct concept, we will not be afraid of it. However, many girls see the gecko. Even if they know that they are not hurting themselves, they can’t overcome the fear psychologically. We need other treatment methods.


We can use the paper towel to catch the gecko directly, mainly not to catch the gecko’s tail, because the gecko’s tail is easy to break, the gecko will break its tail and escape, and grow a new tail. So we need to catch the gecko’s body and then stay outside.

We also found a jar, buckled the gecko inside the jar, and then trapped the gecko inside. In this way, we can dispose of the gecko and still go outside. It is best not to damage the gecko. After all, it is also a beneficial insect.

We can also use the realgar to treat the gecko. Many animals are afraid of realgar and the gecko is not listed. It is a good way for the gecko to ask about the taste of the realgar.



We can also use mothballs, put mothballs in the house, and the gecko will be far away from our house, which is also a very effective method.

We can also use mosquito repellent. We can spray it against the gecko, so that the gecko will be poisoned and dropped on the ground. We can use the broom and the broom to dispose of the gecko.

We can also find a stick to smash the gecko, the gecko will be injured, and then we can clean up the gecko.



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