The Dog Picked Up Weird Things That Really Dumbfounds Dog Owners
The Dog Picked Up Weird Things That Really Dumbfounds Dog Owners

The Dog Picked Up Weird Things That Really Dumbfounds Dog Owners

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The owner is the dog’s favorite person, they love to go out to play, always bring back wonderful and funny things to the owner. Sometimes it is a flower, sometimes is a stone and even a small animal. In their hearts, these things are their treasures and they really want to give to their favorite owner!

Let’s see what does the puppy usually bring home.


The dog brought back a pair of dentures in his mouth. The owner always felt that something was wrong but couldn’t say it, just feeling that this smile was too creepy.

Tomkas dog brought a pair of dentures

The dog gave the owner a shoe, but the owner could not wear it! So the next time you pick up the other one and make it into a pair, then the owner is not necessary to buy any shoes.

Tomkas dog brought a shoe


The dog is very curious about anything. Sometimes when they saw the little animal and they also wanted to give to the owner. The little turtle in front of him will be caught.

Tomkas dog brought animals

The cute dog brought back to a little rabbit that scared the owner.

Tomkas dog brought back to a little rabbit


Dogs especially like to play on the grass like little kids. As a result, they always find some abandoned plastic shovel from kids. When they see the children playing very happy, they feel that this thing must be very fantastic and must be shared with the owner.

Tomkas dog find plastic shovel from kids

This dog always thought that he was a baby, they really want the owner’s hug, they also took the pacifier back as a treasure.

Tomkas dog brought toys


The dog does not know where to bring back a piece of pizza and is not willing to eat and leaving it to the owner. Although the saliva is flowing, it is still not biting because it is the most precious and best thing in its heart, and it must be given to its favorite owner.

Tomkas dog bring back a piece of pizza


Some dogs are very powerful, they can help the owner to work. For example, this only the lovely golden retriever is helping the sanitation worker to pick up the bottle.

Tomkas dog brouht bottle


Beautiful ladies like flowers, the dog brings back a flower to the hostess, it is really sweet.

Tomkas dog brought flowers

Sometimes the dog has nothing to send because there is no good thing outside but only a smile is enough to the owner, and this warm heart and healing feeling is the best! It is a blessing to have a dog that is so cute and warmhearted!

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