Mastering the simple dog training method, training dogs is not a problem
Mastering the simple dog training method, training dogs is not a problem

Mastering the simple dog training method, training dogs is not a problem

Any novice believes that raising a dog is not an easy task, and not to mention their daily life, just because the dog can make a noise, it has already caused many people to worry. Although many people really like dogs, it is difficult to accept the troubles of keeping dogs.

If you really think so, then it is wrong. No matter what you want, you should pay attention to skills and methods. As long as you grasp this skill, everything will become much easier.

First of all, when you raise a dog, choose a dog that matches your personality. This will reduce unnecessary troubles in the process of raising them. It turns out that the dog that matches your character can really bring the owner Convenient life.

When the dog is about 5 months old, it can start training. At this time, it can also promote some good habits of them, and prevent bad habits in advance. If you want the dog to learn to shake hands, you can want the dog to sit down and then give the slogan “Handshake”. At this time, the dog will not take the initiative to reach out. The owner should take the dog’s paw and put it on his own. Hands. In this way, I will train back and forth several times, and gradually refuse to actively assist the dog, so that the dog can reach out. If the dog puts his paw in your hand, you can give it a snack.

It is very important that the feeding time of the dog must be fixed and quantified regularly. Dogs are very sensitive to food. The prescribed feeding time will make the dog more regular and obedient. If the owner has to feed the dog and eat it at all times, then your position in the dog’s heart may not be as majestic.

Set a time, go to the store and put the dog bowl in front of the dog, give it 15 minutes or half an hour to let it finish, if you don’t finish eating, just take the food, this will also train the dog Dog consciousness.

If your dog often has gastrointestinal problems, such as poor digestion, picky eaters, etc., it is likely to be the cause of excessive diet. It is best to use a feeding method that eats less and eat more meals, or the amount of feeding should be stable, and there should be no more or less. This unhealthy diet is more health for dogs.

The owner of the life should be clear about the rewards and punishments. If the dog is wrong, he will properly swear and learn, and the dog will be rewarded in time, so that the dog will be convinced and trustful to you.

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