Be Careful Of These Five Things When You Walk Your Dog
Be Careful Of These Five Things When You Walk Your Dog

Be Careful Of These Five Things When You Walk Your Dog

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Walking with dogs or going outside with dogs is a very common thing that the dog owner has to do every day, but taking the dog go for a walk is not that a simple thing. Bad ways of taking dogs outside could hurt your dog very much. As a result, dog-owners must be really careful.

Be Careful Of These Five Things When You Walk Your Dog

1, Walk Your Dog on A Rainy Day


Walk Your Dog on A Rainy Day

Dogs are afraid of catching a cold and have a fever. Once they have a fever that can cause other diseases. You must be really careful when you take your dog walking on a rainy day. You can’t take the dog out when the heavy rain. It is best to wear a raincoat for the dog. In addition, after going home, you should also need to dry the hair for the dog, especially the sole of the foot must be dried. Usually, the foot sole should be cleaned otherwise it will be difficult to dry.

2, The Dog Walks Outside Alone

The Dog Walks Outside Alone

The owner doesn’t want to hold the dog all the time because the dog couldn’t run freely, So, they walk with the dog but without the rape. Dogs like to run around, and if the owner doesn’t look at them, they will be more “distracted” and will run around that makes dogs can easily be lost and also can increase the probability of accidental death. Especially the little puppy, they are not
alertness like the adult dog, sometimes they will be taken by the stranger without any struggle, so as the puppy host, you need to accompany the puppy when they want to walk outside, use TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling Hands Free Pet Puppy Outdoor Travel Bag, then go outside with your honey pet, it is a good way for you.


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3, Playing Into The Grass


Playing Into The Grass

Aphids are “vampires” in grasses, shrubs, and mountains. As parasites, they use animals as hosts, and they are living all year round especially in summer. In general, staying in the grass for ten minutes will attract them. So be sure to check if there are any mites on the dog. The locust looks like black sesame and bites people very painfully! It is best not to choose these places!

4, Walk Your Dog for A Long Time


Walk Your Dog for A Long Time

Some pet owners think that they haven’t gone out for a long time, So, they take the dog for a walk in a long time. the dog could not take a rest and always exercising. In fact, this is very bad for dogs, especially those dogs with short nasal passages, which will take its life in minutes. Therefore, to properly walk the dog, the time of different dog breeds is different.

5, Taking Outside A Dog Always by Cars


Taking Outside A Dog Always by Cars

Some pet owners will take the dog outside to play or walk by cars. There is a great danger here, not only will it hurt the dog, but the pet owner will also be hurt, because the dog is unstable, and there are novel things that will attract it, so they will explore, such a Come, if it is a medium and large dog, they are more powerful, it will easily lead you to roll over or imbalance, if it is a small dog, it will easily strangle.

Little tips for walking your dogs

1, The time of walking the dog is very important. In high-temperature weather, try to avoid walking the dog at noon, which may cause the dog to suffer from heatstroke, and the high temperature on the ground may burn the dog’s paw. When walking a dog in the cold winter, it may be appropriate to choose noon that will be warmer~

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2, We must wear a leash to the dog, so it is very important to choose a suitable leash for the dog. It is best to choose the chest and back, which is more comfortable for the dog. Remember that the tightness must be moderate, otherwise, it will only make the dog feel uncomfortable.

3, Usually do some training for the dog, such as anti-feeding training, so that when the dog goes outside, he can avoid eating things on the ground, in fact, the food outside is very dangerous for dogs, it is best to let the dog learn these training. When training dogs, the dog will reward some snacks such as fried chicken, the dog will be remembered.


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